Where are the Playgrounds?
Where are the Playgrounds? Image

Sunday, 22nd Jan, 2023

Where are the Playgrounds? 
Gurgaon is full of concrete, no open playing spaces. Delhi is full or ornamental parks, no open playing spaces. Somewhat similar is happening in UK

Why do we not have something like this in Delhi
http://www.playengland.org.uk, at Central Sect Services Sports Control Board Football Pitch at Vinay Marg Sports Complex, Chanakyapuri , Delhi - Simla Young Football Private Limited (AIFF rules for I-League 1st and 2nd Division clubs wants the entities to be registered as a Pvt ltd Co. It is loss making..) has this fee structure for the kids : Zero fees for Orphans and War Heroes Children Rs 4,000 pa for EWS Rs 13,333 pa for Class 2/3 GOI Children Rs 20,000 pa for Class 1 GOI Children Rs 40,000 pa for Others for about 2 acres of pitch 7 days a week throughout the year, the Club www.simlayoungs.com pays Rs 14.6 la rent (@ Rs 4,000 per 2 hours for 365 days), while the Delhi Golf Club for 220 Acres pays Rs 5 la a year, and DDCA for Feroz Shah Kotla pays - 22 la Delhi Gymkhana Club, pays an Annual rent of Rs 10,000 for whole year ! (Certainly, GOI is killing sport with these policies) The club is lucky to have this ground at least grateful to DoPT to let us play there since 2003.., other clubs (65 more in Delhi Soccer Association) do not have access to training pitches (all playing fields are in hands of Schools and Govt Agencies, and they have rules to not give you the ground.) or cannot pay for the rents.

The colony parks are usurped by old foggies (Secy and President of RWAs), who make it impossible for children to play. Parks are for lovers and drug addicts (Udta Dilli) i.e. Sex and Drugs..But a game of Badminton is forbidden in Lodhi Gardens. All rules made by sports unfriendly idiots. Youth, just before swag-raat, start going to Gyms to look good. Or worse when at 35 the doctor says you may get a heart attack - start jogging/cycling.. If you hit a ball on the colony wall, the mali tells you go the Ambedkar Stadium and play. How does one tell him the difference between a training pitch and match pitch? Only the best of Delhi, gets to play in Ambedkar Stadium, and the best of India in Nehru Stadium. How does one reach that level ? No, wonder we shall not get a Gold Medal again in Olympics this year too.., and looks like India will never qualify for the Football World Cup either !! www.shimlayoungsfc.com 
See from 40 min again

Compiled By: Tushar Dev