Age Cheating in Indian Sports
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Sunday, 22nd Jan, 2023

Age Cheating defeats the Youth Infrastructure of any Sports Body: The only way to find the age of a player from India, is to get his bone X-ray done using Gruelich-Pyle’s criterion, and get a trained radiologist like Dr Devlina Chakravarty, MD at Artemis Hospital to verify the age. It costs only Rs 2,000/- after that scan it and put in the State website, so that the same player does not cheat in any of the age groups.

We have been using her expertise since 2003, to get the ages verified of players from Simla Youngs FC’s training centre. We are club registered in Delhi under AIFF, and the only reason people would cheat, is that because we would take players for overseas trips, free of cost. However, players fudge the ages to get into State Teams, and get College Admissions or PSU/Govt jobs. They do not give 10th standard exams till they play Delhi State, because as soon as they give 10th exam, the birth is fixed.

They get a village sarpanch to give the dates, on an affidavit. These instances are from my personal experience of playing Delhi Under 19 Cricket in 1980s not playing for Delhi Athletics in Middle Distance.

Coaching/Managing Youth teams in Football via since 1997.. Instances of Age Cheating : One player, who is a member of Delhi Audit team, went to Tata Football Academy, by fudging his age to 17, when was 23, in 1990s. After playing in I-League clubs for a few seasons, came back to Delhi to join Audit. 2. Another player from Delhi, played from TFA and the U18 Milk Cup in Ireland, when he was actually 23. 3. Venky said , that when we went to Australia, my daughter was born and I distributed sweets, and X’s was born, and he distributed sweets - so if my daughter is 23, how come his son is 19 (Quoted in Indian Express). 

A week later, he issued a weak apology, must have been pressuried by BCCI to do so) 4. In 2008, Airtel sponsored India U16 Football team to play practice matches with Everton U16 1-2, and Manchester United FC U16 3-3. One player there is showing his age as 1.2.1992, when he is actually 1.2.1988. So, the clearly it was U20 team. Because, the Indian Men’s team should draw with Japan, but they loose 1-7… Airtel wanted ManU to have an academy with AIFF, after that performance, however the Brits got to know the truth, and said - “They players were very mature!” 5. The Bayern Munich U21 team came 8 years ago, and lost 1-2 to Bengal U23. The German team had players like Mueller, who in 3 years from that, was a world star. And where did the Indian’s reach - 120th in the World! 6. For 30 years India or Pakistan wins U17 World Cup in Hockey. Both the countries struggle to reach top 5 / top 10 in Men’s. 7. Since 2003, I have been writing to AIFF-FIFA, and only this year they tested players on Gruelich-Pyle’s criterion, and the Nigerian team was scrapped. 8. 8 years ago, at a AFC conference, I spoke that the Ages are all fudged, otherwise TFA, would have produced a World player like Maradona {selecting the best of India’s Youth from Subroto Cup for 30 years, housing them in a full time academy, taking them every year for overseas exposure trips etc} (I believe , Indians are very talented). All the Japanese, Iranians, Germans delegates congratulated me for speaking the truth - and said it is in Indian/Asian/African problem - and the Youth Programme will fail. The Indian delegates said, I was speaking the truth, however it shall lead to embarrassment for our age teams. The TFA guy was livid, as it would hurt the poor footballers - to which my answer was - Garibi Hatao is separate than find the best football talent. 9. One of my trainees, few years ago got selected in the U14 Delhi team, and my coach had cheated me on the Gruelich-Pyle’s Criterion itself. When the All India selectors found 120 good players, I wrote to AIFF and surprisingly they did age testing and found 90 players over age by at least 3 years (including my Natwarlal).

I had no choice, but to ask that player and my Coach to leave. Two weeks ago, the same player is in Delhi State team as a U19/U21 category. Ander Nagri - Chaupat Raja ! What is way forward ? 1. Just get the age tested by Gruelich-Pyle’s criterion, Xray of wrist (show it to Artemis Hospital) when you employ a player in your GOI department (it costs only Rs 2,000). If there is a gap of more than 6 months, do not hire him. 2. When giving any government scholarship, do the same. (Send your own person, when you are sending the boy for verification, because I have seen younger brothers going for tests..) 26 Jan, 2018 Examples

Compiled By: Tushar Dev